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newb...need help

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Ok, I''m a newb at game developing...I know nothing...I dont even know how to program. I really want to pursue a career in Game Developing, but I am still in high school and i want to know a lot when i go to college and start my learning. I need to know where to start. Any FREE(hah im poor) books or software i can use will help, or some member could teach me if willing. If anybody could help I really would appreciate it.

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If you know nothing about making games dont immediately try to start making games

STEP 1: Learn about the computer

Take many many years at this until you know the computer inside and out. Hardware, Software, EVERYTHING

STEP 2: Make some stuff

Learn some javascript, get aquainted with programming. Download Worldcraft or Milkshape 3d. Make some random stuff, help out with some MODs.

STEP 3: Start Seriously Learning

Take some classes at your local community college (or school if they offer it) over the summer in programming/graphic design ...

From there you''ll have enough knowledge to do whatever, and hey, you might even lose interest in game design (not too bad once you really look back on it) but it will help your computer career and you may get a great job working for some computer firm making a lot more money than a game developer

And one more thing:
When you play games you should not play them. Anylize them, constantly think about what the designers were doing when they made the level, programmed that cool effect...

Hope that helps...

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I disagree slightly with the above poster. I would actually jump right into programming, esp. if the original poster is in highschool. I said this in another post before, but I started programming at around 6th grade in GW-BASIC writing text games such as choose your own adventures, and the like. Nothing amazing, but impressed my friends anyway... hehe.

Certainly, if the OP is in highschool, it shouldn''t be too hard to pick up some programming. They have likely had some algebra experience, which is really all you need to get started in programming (IMO). My advise would be to pick up a book at your library on basic C++ and read through it, and most important, PRACTICE what you learn. Apply it to a game or something to make it fun, but really do what you read. You can''t learn programming by just reading it. That''s how I learned the basics: a book, a compiler, and a whole lot of patience

I do agree on the analyzing games part though. Of course I still play games for fun, but I do analyze them quite a bit as well. If you see a cool effect, as the above poster said, think about how you could make a similar effect in your game. You might not be able to replicate it exactly, but thinking about games in such a way may lead to some creative ideas.

Okay, I rambled qutie enough. In closing, I recommend checking your library for books, or perhaps searching the internet for C++ tutorials (no links bookmarked atm though, sorry :|)


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