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Decal Clipping

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Ive been playing around with this for a while and was wondering if anyone knows of a good way to clip a decal to a surface. The way I''m currently doing it seems to work but generates alot more polygons than it seems should be needed to map the decal to the surface. Basicly Im clipping the decal against the polygon hit by the ray trace. For each edge of the polygon I clip the decal and rotate the fragment outside the edge around the edge so it is planar to the adjacent polygon. After the decal has been clipped to all edges I break it up into triangles and add then to my triangle list. I then go back and clip each fragment against its respective polygon the same way. This repeats until no more fragments are generated. This will clip the decal and lay it out onto the surface, but it generates alot of extra polygons. Just wondering if anyone else knew of a better way to clip a decal or maybe has a few tips to optimize this is bit...

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Got code, but basically i do the inverse thing for another purpose, anyway i use the following approach, i compute the edge normals , for a triangle , i project the ''target'' triangle over this surfaces, i perform a fast clipping i don''t add extra triangle i use a polygon structure , since i know the polygon is always convex i fastly decompose it into triangles, compute the correct texture coordinates , and render the triangle(s)
if you want more details ( and my code just email me )

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