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the simcity 4 landscape file format

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I''ve been looking it to it and all data files, including save games, use an archival data format. Some files are obviously stored uncompressed (you can extract PNG files from the game) but I have yet to figure just how everythign works in it. Far from it. =/

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Well in fact I m mainly interested by the format they could use for their landscapes...
I think its maybie some kind of matrix with heights for the grid but it looks somehow basic
I m currently staring a landscape 3dengine and I was just wondering it it could be usefull to hope few months and wait the internal format of their editor ?
What do you think about it ?


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Sadly, I doubt you will be able to find the answer from the editor either. I''d be willing to guess the landscape is stored quite simply as giant matrix as you said. It probably has some nifty partitioning tricks but you seem to be on the right track.

I forgot to mention, if you want to import terrains then there is a great web site dedicated to importing real life terrains. You might want to check it out anyway.

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