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preference: -what do you like? -what dont you like? critique: -what is wrong technically? perspective, anatomy, shade, ect. info about the sketch: created in * photoshop both of these are rough digital paint sketches. they are peices for an overall scene. in the final picture they will be half this current size or even less. the original picture is twice this size. i have worked in the monks face and chest area, everything else on him is under developed, do you see any early problems? for example his forearm is curved. thanks for your help, -killing *edit - i forgot to type photoshop. [edited by - killingpeople on January 26, 2003 2:49:21 AM]

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your character on the left seems to be off balance.. and this could be because he''s in motion, i dunno.
he just looks like he''s about to fall over (unless he''s holding a crutch/staff and not a spear)..

;another space monkey;
[ Forced Evolution Studios ]


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they look blurred, you might wanna try putting some more detail in (pose and anatomy looks good though, nothing to add).

[edited by - Hase on January 25, 2003 8:45:13 PM]

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here is a colored rendition:

i can still add some clarity to the characters definition, i think i will, they are still rough and another thing, that you were not aware of, is that i am going to scale them down and place them into a scene. (they are for a title screen)

not only that but i will have to lower their resolution after doing that, so i fear that if i spend time adding more detail it will be lost at any rate.

i have no idea how i want the final piece to look, so i have no idea how big what characters will be and will have to add detail to them as needed (the bigger i decide to make them)

i think the final screen size will be 800 x 600 pixels at 100ppi.

yes i agree, it looks like my monk is more injured and falling over, rather than cool and ninja-like. i think i am going to have to repaint his legs entirely.

thank you for your comments guys,

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