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Which project should I work on? 3D survival/horror game or 6502 NES emulator?

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I''m so sad guys. I have both of these projects started, but now I dont really know what to do because heres the deal. They are both fairly heavy projects and I would like to see them both finished, but I really don''t think I have the time to finish one of them let alone both of them. And also I am very discouraged because (and I am a bit ashamed to admit it) Both of the project have been so far coded in Mediocre languages, so I will be needing to start anew in MSVC++ (Which i just got the other day YAY YAY) or mabey DEV-C++ with Allegro (If I shoot for the NES emulator). hmm. For some reason I have just felt like a stick in the mud lately. I hope I get over it. BTW: here is the site I started for the 3D project, please check it out and tell me what you think or mabey If you are interested in contributing somthing ??? - Twisted Matrix

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i''d say that you''ll ignore the emu-thing.. there is a lot of nes emulators out there, and they''re very good and, not that i doubt your skills, when you''ve finished yours, the other are so much better.

if i had that choice, i''d prefer the survival/horror game

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Yeah, this is true. But on the same token, there are many 3D games out there too. I think the main point is that the project is interesting to code for. If it is not, then the programmer quickly looses intrest anyways (At least when there is no $$$ invlovled), so wheather or not there are alot of NES emulators out there is actually pretty irrelevant if you think about it.

- Twisted Matrix

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Like metus said, i would try to avoid writing for a emulator.
Also, making a 3D game good takes a lot of time and love.

If you can, try and find the game "Tetris Attack" for SNES. That game is so damn fun. Its not of those 1,000,000 crappy spin-offs of tetris. It''s so much more fun than the original.
Especially the versus mode and puzzle mode.

I believe I saw a rom of it on the internet so you can probably
find it and see for yourself. But really the keyboard doesnt do franctic control pad play justice

I''ve always wanted to do a tetris attack port to my PC but keep puting it off. =0

Its 2D and theres not that much content to the game (story wise and graphic wise). So, you should be able to finish it.

"I turned into a driveway I thought was mine and crashed into a tree I don''t have."- a real insurance claim

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