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Jim Adams RPG book, can it do full screen? and a 2din3d question...

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I have the book, its great and i just started getting into it...the first thing i noticed was everything runs in windowed mode, I thought it would be a simple thing to change it over to full screen (one of the windows flags then tell dx to do it) but i seem to be missing something, has anyone attempted to do this with the book code? where should i start looking to fix this, perhaps in the examples then i will streatch out from there. And my other problems are not with the code in the book, I am getting most that, its with how the graphics are done. I have truespace 4.1 and i loaded up the level mesh.x file from the 2d in 3d example. I loaded it into truespace, just tried to change the level a bit by grabbing points and changing the surfaces.then I saved the object back out. Hmm oddly enough the level didnt load then in the example (I didnt recompile or anything, just changed the external level mesh data) and for some reason it stopped working...what am i missing here? any ideas... Thanks! Shane Thomas p.s. if I want to IMPORT .x files modled in say truespace into something that can animate them and save their animations for use in game code like in the role playing book, what softwrae should i turn to? cheap is best...I saw 3d canvas but to do .x files it takes 34$ to register (its not like im cheap, its more like im broke...or i would support smaller software companies.)

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Excuse Jim:
I''ve the book too, but i seen the game demo in the cd. These are microsoft game or these are the game that i will do with the book?

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If you are using "the game core"(from chapter 10->) all you have to do is change
m_Graphics.SetMode(GethWnd(), TRUE, FALSE);
m_Graphics.SetMode(GethWnd(), FALSE, FALSE);

As you can see there are a few other things you can change aswell.

BOOL cGraphics::SetMode(HWND hWnd, BOOL Windowed, BOOL UseZBuffer, long Width, long Height, char BPP)

Read chapter 10. Import the game core into your own project or have a look at the later examples(14-19 don''t remember exactly which one) and just cut away the code / classes that you don''t want.

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