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C++ Class error

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I am getting the message error C2352: ''F_Pak::F_PakClose'' : illegal call of non-static member function when i change it to static F_Pak::F_PakClose it produces errors saying error C2597: illegal reference to data member ''F_Pak::header'' in a static member function what am I doing wrong. I will post full source on request(its not long). Thanks

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The only thing i see is that F_Pak has to be a base class, and you have to be calling it from within a derived class''s member function.

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Any time you reference a function like :: the it needs to be in the global scope, hence the "static" modifier. The reason you are getting the second error is that any static function can only access local or static data, it cannot access other members of the class unless they are declared "static" also.


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You''re probably calling a non-static member function. That''s illegal, because those accesses require the use of the this pointer, which isn''t present in a static function (since there''s no instance of the class).

So, static member functions can only access other static member functions and member data.


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