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BSP - Am I getting this right?

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just out of curiosity, what kind of artifacts are created when a painters algorithm is used?

this would all be calculated in real time, right?

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assassin - uhh.. zsorting works just fine. it''s not terribly efficient and doesn''t handle certain special cases but that hardly warrants saying that it doesn''t work. every early flight sim used z-sorting.

to the guy who asked the original question about z-sorting, you can do that but it''s a lot slower since you have to actually transform every single vertex. with bsp''s, you can throw away entire sub-trees and not transform them when they''re not needed.

moe - painters algorithm is just drawing things back to front. BSP traversals can be done using painters algorithm, so can be z-sorting, and every other non-zero overdraw algorithm out there.

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