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Gravity effects

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How would i go about getting a gravity effect within a 3D world? for example i fall off a cliff, and i''d like to accelerate at 9.8m/s or something like that, how would i implement that into the program?

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The way I do it is to define a variable that represents the object''s movement increment. This value is added to the object''s position every frame. The increment is like it''s speed. Then, you can accelerate the object by varying amounts by adding/subtracting from the increments every frame.
Here''s some BASIC:

''Object''s position
private Pos as single

''Object''s increment
private Inc as single

''''''''Game loop''''''''''

''Increase increment (Gravity @ 9.8 units per sec)
inc = inc + 9.8

''Move object according to increment
pos = pos + inc


You could do this for whatever axis is your up/down in your 3d world for gravity.

You pros probably have a better way to do it, but that''s what I do...

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Guest Anonymous Poster
You should probably already know that gravity only affects your vertical axis.

Given the 4 kinematic equations:

1. vf = vi + a * t
2. d = (vi + vf)/2 * t
3. d = vi * t + (1/2) * a * t^2
4. vf^2 = vi^2 + 2 * a * d

where d = df - di (treat distance as your object''s position)

If I wanted to drop an object (from rest) from above, I could use the third
equation let the initial velocity be zero:

d = (1/2) * a * t^2

If I was using DirectX, I would treat these as vectors like:

D3DVECTOR gravity = D3DVECTOR( 0.0f, -9.8f, 0.0f );
D3DVECTOR position = D3DVECTOR( 100.0f, 100f, 100.0f );

You can easily add, subtract, multiply, etc. vectors in DirectX. You don''t
have to individually access their members. The equation would look exactly
the same:

position = 0.5f * gravity * frame_time * frame_time;

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