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Web site comments, please?

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it seems good to me. its got a professional look that suits what you''re trying to achieve. i''ve never seen a text resizer option before... dunno what everyone else thinks but i dont think its neccessary.

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I like the text resizer. Text size is a big issue for usere with certain browsers. Perhaps there should be a simpler version for older browsers, too?

Jindrich Kolman

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Hi and thank you for your comments!

As for the text resizer. Pages without stylesheets do not need a resizer because it is already built in to the browsers. Pages with stylesheets, like the one I have, should, in my opinion, have an option to resize the text.

Why? Because some people do not have the luxury of full vision. It is a necessity in order to allow people with reduced vision to view the contents of the web site.

The same goes for colors. Even though I have not gone that far, there are colors which are more suitable for people with disabilities.

The work required to implement these features is not a burden. Therefore, the reason I do this, is goodwill.

And Koom, yes it would be nice if this worked on all browsers. Unfortunately it does not, because not all browsers support stylesheets of this format (like Opera). The pressure to produce several versions of a homepage is not viable. The pressure should be on the software companies to support the widely used standards which improve efficiency, like stylesheets.

The page should be viewed satisfactory with IE4+ or NS6+. To be honest, I would not waste my time supporting the rest of the browsers. Large companies with loads of resources might do so, but I am not a large company.

Anyways, glad you liked the page. By the way, what browsers do you have?

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Original post by KalvinB
The only thing that''s bad is the frames. It makes it very difficult to reference specific pages or even bookmark them. Use a PHP based style sheet or SSI instead to keep the logo on every page.


Agree. I will try to fix this with javascript. Should be possible. If all else false I''ll use SSI.


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