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Tri-Strip Normals

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Is it possible to explicitly specify the second tri's normal in a tri-strip like so?
	for (int i = 0; i < MB_TRISTRIPS; i++)
		glNormal3fv(pNormals[i ].fCoord);
		glVertex3fv(pVertices[pTriStrips[i ].nVertIndices[0]].fCoord);
		glVertex3fv(pVertices[pTriStrips[i ].nVertIndices[1]].fCoord);
		glVertex3fv(pVertices[pTriStrips[i ].nVertIndices[2]].fCoord);
		glNormal3fv(pNormals[i + (MB_NORMALS / 2)].fCoord);
		glVertex3fv(pVertices[pTriStrips[i ].nVertIndices[3]].fCoord);
Cheers - CheeseMonger Edit: Stupid BBCode thought [i ] was for italics... [edited by - CheeseMonger on January 28, 2003 3:02:46 AM]

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