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Vertex Array

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Hi! I want to make a CVertexArray class. The basics of the design are clear, but i have 2 questions. 1. Is ist good to use a std::vector to represent e.g. vertrices of this vertex array? class CVertexArray { ... protected: std::vector m_Vertices3f; } or is it better to make it so: class CVertexArray { ... protected: float* m_Vertices3f; } Which of this two solutiins are faster? 2. There are many extensions for vertex arrays I have seen. Now could any one tell me wich are very usefull? I use yet GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array.

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1. As far as I know, use of std::vector for vrtices is problematic. In both memory and speed.. (I hope stl guys don't flame me for that)

I would rather use a vertex class for that, such as

class CVertex3D
float x, y, z;

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