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I have succeded to compile my programs... but i dont get any sound.... My testcode, to load a simple wavefile goes like this: alutInit(0, NULL); alGetError(); ALsizei NUM_BUFFERS; ALuint *g_buffers; ALenum format; ALvoid *data; ALsizei size, freq; ALboolean loop; loop = false; ALuint *source; ALsizei number; number = 1; alutInit(0, NULL); alGetError(); alGenBuffers(NUM_BUFFERS, g_buffers); alutLoadWAVFile("funk.wav", &format, &data, &size, &freq,&loop); alBufferData(g_buffers[0], format, data, size, freq); alutUnloadWAV(format, data, size, freq); alGenSources(1, source); alSourcei(source[0], AL_BUFFER, g_buffers[0]); alSourcePlayv(1,source); No errors in visual studio.... but no sound? Thanks // Ioxunimous

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