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The ModelView matrix

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My head is full with matrices and models, cameras, views and whatnot. I think I''ve gotten a grasp on it; but doubt still lingers somewhere inside my head Am I understanding the ModelView matrix correctly: The ModelView matrix is used to transform the model or the virtual viewpoint - which in essence is the same, hence the name ModelView. What actually happens is that the coordinate system of the model/object is transformed (instead of moving the object itself) so to create the view I want. Does that seems to be correct? (P.S: I''m sure this has been the subject of many threads here, but the search function as you probably know, is disabled, hence this post - hope it''s ok ). ************************** The best way to accelerate a Win9x machine is at 9.81m/s2

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Guest Anonymous Poster
For the sake of clarity I''m just gonna write about matrices in general.

What happens when you use the matrix for transformation and rotation, is that the vertices of the object are manipulated in the rendering pipeline, and the original vertices passed to the rendering pipeline remain the same.

Hope this answered your question.

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