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Programming Languages?

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Vulcan3415    122
Hello... Programming Languages? I know of C++... I haven''t done any research on Python? Allgero? Those were the other common languages I hear of... Are they programming languages? I know C++ is, and same with APIs, what does it stand for? Isn''t it like a different kind of C++? Or something? Where can I get information, on this stuff, and with other languages... How many are there? I wana start my own team, soon... Or late summer... I am trying to learn 3D Studio Max, and PhotoShop7... I like graphics too, where can I find a website with all the languages?Okay... Thanks! ... Bye

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wikedgamer    122
Hey there!

For programming tutorials, you should go to


For 3D Studio Max stuff, go to:
click the "FREE STUFF" button at the top of the page and then you can choose to view/download textures, models, sounds, tutorials, etc.

Also, Python is a programming language but I don't know of anyone who uses it still. Allegro was sort of do I describe it?.....add-on or something of that nature for the DJGPP C++ compiler. It helps with graphics. will have a page where you can choose what to download. I think there is specific website for Allegro might be but I'm not entirely sure.

Good luck!


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Fruny    1658
There exist a number of languages which are radically different, both in features and concepts, from those found in the C family.

This thread could be an eye-opener.

The Python web site is undoubtedly the best place to learn about Python , and those who use it. Python has a large library of modules, including for game development, many of which come standard with the interpreter. The site also has beginner tutorials and comparison with other languages.

Heck, just visit the site and download the latest stable version.

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[ Header Files | File Format Docs | LNK2001 | C++ STL Doc | STLPort | Free C++ IDE | Boost C++ Lib | MSVC6 Lib Fixes ]

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Dobbs    164
I suggest you click on the "For Beginners" link near the top of the GameDev page and go from there.

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It''s not a language, it''s a technical term for the functions that make up the interface to a software library - a library being a collection of related "helper" code, something that handles dirty work for you such as loading image files.

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