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The dropdown lists on my ComboBoxes won't display!!!

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For some reason, I can't seem to make the display region of my ComboBoxes display. I have the following code to create a ComboBox and add contents:
hWndTemp = CreateWindow("combobox", "",
                              WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | WS_BORDER | WS_VSCROLL |
                              CBS_SORT | CBS_DROPDOWN | CBS_HASSTRINGS |
                              CBS_OEMCONVERT | CBS_OWNERDRAWFIXED,
                              72, 16, 128, 16,
                              hWnd, (HMENU) ID_DRIVE, hInst, 0);

// Set ComboBox item heights.
SendMessage(hWndTemp, CB_SETITEMHEIGHT, (WPARAM) 0, (LPARAM) (long) 128);
SendMessage(hWndTemp, CB_SETITEMHEIGHT, (WPARAM) -1, (LPARAM) (long) 16);

// Clear contents, add directory listing, and set currently selected item.
SendMessage(hWndTemp, CB_RESETCONTENT, (WPARAM) 0, (LPARAM) 0);
SendMessage(hWndTemp, CB_DIR, (WPARAM) (DDL_DRIVES | DDL_READWRITE), (LPARAM) "*.*");
SendMessage(hWndTemp, CB_SETCURSEL, (WPARAM) 0, (LPARAM) 0);
The image below illustrates what happens when I click (left side is before click, right side is after clicking, when the dropdown list is supposed to appear).
[edited by - Mattman on January 28, 2003 3:50:04 PM]

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Isn''t the height that you set the combobox to the height when it is open? Try increasing the height setting and see if that helps. It''s been a while since I played around with windows controls.


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You are correct, the height does influence the size when opening. Another thing is that if it is too close to the bottom it has a tendency of not showing all the options because it will go off the form.

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