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splitting numbers

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The easiest way is to first have it as a string (either a char[] or std::string), then simply:

std::string input
std::cin >> input;

std::string part1(input, 0, 2);
std::string part2(input, 2, 2);

If you provide more context and details of what you''re trying to do, a more appropriate example can be made.

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Well with chars you can do arrays but... for ints i have absolutly no idea. Why do you need this, is there a specific reason. Becasue if there isnt then you are wasting a lot of your time

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Off the top of my head:

void splitNumber( int iInput, int* iLeftHalf, int* iRightHalf )
int digits = ( (int)( log( (double)iInput ) / log( 10.0 ) ) ) + 1;
*iLeftHalf = iInput / (int)pow( 10.0, (double)(digits / 2) );
*iRightHalf = iInput % (int)pow( 10.0, (double)(digits / 2) );

Something like that. Odd LENGTH numbers will be heavier on the left side...dunno what you need.


[edit: forgot the world "length"]

[edited by - scaught on January 28, 2003 9:01:41 PM]

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perhaps i should have mentioned that it is always 4 digits long

i just figured it out though
i can just divide by 100 then truncate since it is int status
and go from there:

int main()
int hey;
int left;
int right;
cin >> hey;

left = hey / 100;
left *= 100;
right = hey - left;
left /= 100;

cout << hey << " " << endl << left << " " << right << endl;
return 0;

thanks for the help, even though i wanst exactly clear :\

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