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Features in an online RPG.

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How about a well-thought-out PK system? Honestly, I''d like to see something which doesn''t competley disallow PKing, but does create actual consequences for a character who does PK and doesn''t result in newbies getting shafted as soon as they start playing. PKing should NOT be the most efficent way to get exp and items.

I think that a lot of these systems haven''t been very effective for the simple reason that PK protection was added at the very end of production without much thought as to how well it would work and affect the game.


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How about one that''s not based in a traditional fantasy world. I would like to see one set in a futuristic sci-fi world. That would be a first.

Also I like character classes, professions or whatever you want to call them. I think it encourages players to work together more. And I can''t stand it when someone in full platemail starts throwing out spells like crazy.

Several races to choose from would be nice. It would be cool if races had special abilities that are exclusive to the race. Maybe they could even get bonuses in certain parts of the world. Parts that are dominantly inhabited by that race.

I like day/night cycles too. I also think it would be cool to have ''special places'' scattered throughout the world. Like at a certain place in the gameworld something happens at a certain time. Such as a ghost appears and grants a magic item to whoever is there at that moment. Or something to that effect. Or when you collect a list of items and place them on a specific spot in the gameworld (such as an altar) they are transformed into a magic item.

Just a few suggestions, enough rambling..

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