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Objects are tiles too?

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I have a simple question. An object, for example, a key. Is this a tile too? Example: tile is 32x32 pixels. You want to draw a key, and the other pixels are black, so they are drawn transparent. That works for me. But is this the normal way, because, how to check if you walk over the key? When you ''touch'' the tile of the key, you don''t touch the key itself. I hope you guys understand me help Thanks

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Whatever way you want to represent it.

I re-programmed Gauntlet a long time ago and treated objects as square tiles. It worked just fine. It actually makes the game seem more like a game, as if the objects to pickup are powerups or something.

Forcing the player to move closer to pick up a smaller object just because they haven't actually touched the pixels might be a little annoying, but only a little.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is a separation between the graphics for the object and the collision model for the object, which I think is a good way to approach game development, anyway (to treat them separately, that is).

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