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Compute bounding sphere problem .x models

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Im getting my collision system off the ground - but im having some problems with computing the bounding spheres of microsoft .x format models. My function call look a little somthing like this.... LPDIRECT3DVERTEXBUFFER8 ppVB; instance->m_actor->m_pMesh->GetVertexBuffer(&ppVB); D3DXComputeBoundingSphere( ppVB, instance->m_actor->m_pMesh->GetNumVertices(), 0, ¢er, &this->m_coll_sphere_radius ) I think its that third param which is causing the problems im really not sure which flags to use. Got some lights in the scene - not much in the way of textures at the moment. The function does not return an error message but the value of this->m_coll_sphere_radius comes out as 1.#INFO Any idea what i need to do to get this blasted thing to work? Thanks in advance

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