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Weird data corruption

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Hi! I''m working on a project for the GBA but I think the problem is more of a general programming issue so I''ll post it here. Sorry this post is a little long, if anyone might know how to get around this problem I''d really appreciate some tip or help! I made a graphics class which manages sprites and things like that, and I made a binary tree class to allow associative indexing based on character strings. So, for example, instead of having the graphics.LoadImage() function return an Image structure or something like that, you do this: graphics.LoadImage(ptrToImageData, "dragon"); Then, when you want to display the picture, you just say: graphics.DrawImage("dragon", x, y); Anyways, I have a global instance of the Graphics class which is used throughout the code. Now, the problem is that in one function, (call it MainFunction() or whatever) I have loaded an image. If I try to draw the image within the same function, everything works fine. However, say I call another function from MainFunction() and then *that* function (call it MiddleFunction()) tries to draw the image. That''s where it fails.. For some reason, the program tries searching the binary tree to retrieve the pointer to the image and the search fails (it''s not in the tree). I''m pretty confused. I mean, if I try calling DrawImage() Right before calling MiddleFunction(), the search does not fail. But if I move the call to DrawImage() into MiddleFunction(), it stops working. There shouldn''t be any difference between calling DrawImage() from MainFunction() vs. calling it from MiddleFunction(), because either way the same code is being executed, unless there''s some weird stuff that happens in the function call that I''m not aware of. Hmm, well again sorry for such a long post, if anyone might know how to fix this problem please let me know! Thanks so much! Raj

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