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look for shortcuts key or modifier key.
modifier are ALT and/or CTRL.

Maybe windows implements a WM_MODIFIERKEYDOWN message ?

try to put in the wparam or lparam VK_A | VK_ALT

I''m not sure about the synthax.

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Thanks for the info, I tried that, and it did not work.
I did more research, and found out, that 33 is the scan-code
for the Alt-Key, put, I need to put this 33 in a lKeyData object.

Does anyone know, how, I can fill this lKeyData, several
different values.

Thanks for your help

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Guest Anonymous Poster
the breakdown of the 32bits that define the layout of the lKeyData are all defined in the documentation for the WM_SYSKEYDOWN msg.

it looks like bit 29 is a 1 if the ALT key was down when the associated key was pressed. i *think* there''s either a bitfield or set of macros that will isolate that bit for you, but i could be wrong (maybe i created them for myself a long time ago.) just look through the docs in the "keyboard input" section.

well i went ahead and "thumbed" through the docs myself and found KF_ALTDOWN. you should be able to use that to isolate bit 29 during a bitwise test to tell you if the bit value is 1 or 0.

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