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Lab Rat

alpha hulls

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Hey all, I have a problem where I have to form a surface from a set of basic points and interpolate missing ones using specific criteria. This is very much like the problems that alpha hulls solve. Are there any easy ways to paint the hulls after you have a complete set of points? I''ve looked at a few things, but nothing is really standing out as a "best way," but I''m relatively new to the graphics scene so I thought I''d ask. Thanks in advance

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Perhaps a better explaination of the goals would be helpful:

I am trying to calculate and display an "accessible surface" of a protein. I''ve found many algorithms on how to do this, but they will just give me a set of points, really. My question relates more to forming the actual surface. Something to the effect of: Would it be better to find and use triangle strips? tesselation? fans?

The problem I''ve found with the triangle strips is that the data points are clustered in groups pertaining to a single atom, so there would be a HUGE number of triangle strips (upwards of 12k) instead of fewer, larger ones. Tesselation is starting to look attractive, but I am not sure on the best implementation of it (I''m still researching that a bit). I''ve also looked into vertex arrays, but again I ran into the ordering problem.

Although the data points aren''t ordered in an easy way, they ARE clustered by atom and have SOME sort of order to them. I''m trying to figure out the best way to exploit that.

Thanks again

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