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Dark Star

Double buffering in windows

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Dark Star    100
Can anyone tell me how to do double buffering in windows programming. I am using MFCs and using the Device contexts. I need to know if u need to create a secondary device context. If so I dont understand the parameters to create and initialise a DC. Second Do I have to send it as a parameter to pDC-CreateCompatibleDC(); I think I know where to go from there, using the pDC->BitBlt() function. Thanks. This is for a university animation project. Thanks DarkStar UK

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Punty50    122
This is addressed in Sams Teach yourself MFC Programming:

1.) Create two device contexts that are equivelent (both dc.CreateCompatibleDC() ), one a memory context
2.) Do all of your drawing algorithms on one of the DC''s (the memory one)
3.) Bitblt() from one to another.

I need to check, but I am sure there is some way of creating a compatible memory DC.


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