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break point called from ......

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hi, i have a problem when debugging my app. when i call - hr = m_pd3dDevice->CreateVertexShader((DWORD*)pCode->GetBufferPointer(), &m_pGerstnerWavesVertexShader); in debug mode, it stops in a breakpoint i didnt set and opens a warning dialog box - "User breakpoint called from code at 0x77f7f570", and i cant go any farther, if i press f5, it stops there again and again. any idea what is wrong? thnx.

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Original post by ofer
its my third post no one bothers to answare. is it so hard to answare something?

Maybe you''re asking hard questions, if no one knows how to answer then you''ll get
no answers...

BTW: That error can happen if you do something like this:

int *lpINT = new int[16];
delete[] lpINT;
lpINT[0] = 0;

This means that maybe you''re writing to memory addresses that you shouldn''t, this
does NOT mean that this has to be your problem though.

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1) Look at your debug output.

2) Look at the control panel for Direct3D - is "break on D3D error" on ? - probably... so turn it off and look at the debug output.

FWIW this is the first time I''ve seen you ask this particular question so maybe your previous ones went off onto the second page (I personally don''t have the time to waste looking at the past 5 days worth of posts just in case one was missed).

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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ok. thnx, ill look at the panel.

the option is not enabled. what do you mean look at the debug output?

[edited by - ofer on February 2, 2003 4:15:09 AM]

[edited by - ofer on February 2, 2003 4:20:33 AM]

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