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Data Conversion

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Is it possible to convert WORD to WCHAR? Reason I asked is because I'm trying to gather information from a task in the MS Task Scheduler using the SYSTEMTIME structure. I would use wprintf() except that I want to display the information using the GDI+ Graphics class DrawString() method but it wants a const WCHAR *string. Is there an easier way to do this or am I just missing the obvious? I've tried countless google searches and the closest I've come is finding how to convert them the other way around. -Vlarr [edited by - Vlarr on January 30, 2003 11:49:57 AM]

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In Win32, at least, the only difference is: WORD is an unsigned short, WCHAR a signed short. You should be able to cast between them without a problem, though I don''t know what will happen with your particular functions.

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/start code

Graphics Gfx(hdc);

result = pITask->GetNextRunTime(&NextRunTime);


Gfx.DrawString(NextRunTime.wMonth,-1, &fnt, dateText, &whiBrush);

/end code

Obviously the compiler complains about the first parameter of DrawString() but it illustrates what I''m trying to do.

From what I can tell .wMonth is type WORD and the first parameter of DrawString requires const WCHAR*, but casting just brings all sorts of nasty problems. I tried both static_cast and reinterpret_cast.


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sprintf() it into a char[] array, or use std::string.

Then pass that array/string into the DrawString function.


char buffer[100];
sprintf(buffer,"NextRunTime: %i",NextRunTime.wMonth);
Gfx.DrawString(buffer,-1, &fnt, dateText, &whiBrush);

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