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Stumped w/C++ File I/O

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I''m working on a text-based RPG and i''m stumped. I have the basic classes up and running fine(player,NPC,and room). And since i don''t really want to have to hard code every single room/npc into the game i want to be able to read from an external file(.dat mebbe?). Also, this would allow me to set up a simple program where i/a player/editer can edit the files in a user-friendly environment. But i''ve run multiple times thru the VC++ 6.0 help files and BC 3.1 as well, i can''t find ANYTHING useful on how to do C++ file i/o!! Please help! -Run_The_Shadows -Run_The_Shadows@excite.com

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look up fstream, ofstream, ifstream.
To open a file for output create a variable of type ofstream like this
ofstream outfile( "output.txt" );
To open a file for input
ifstream infile( "input.txt" );
Then to read out of the outfile
outfile >> x;
And to read in
infile << "hello";

Simple huh? That should get you started.


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Guest Anonymous Poster
Also, I found using the "sscanf" function extremely
useful at extracting text and numbers from a line.

Line read from file = " TextureName=''name.bmp'' 640x480 32.0 4.5"
could be extracted like this:

"sscanf(Line, " TextureName = ''%[^'']'' %d x %d %lf %lf ", FileName, HSize, VSize, fNumber1, fNumber2);"

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Thnx you two! But it still isn''t enuf i''m afraid, i can make/open/close files, but i need to be able to...
1.)Search for a particular identification number for the
2.)Read the text on that particular line until it ends to
extract the info on that room/npc.
3.)Edit a particular line anywhere on it.

Like i said, i''m a slump as before i can really start the battle/movement system, i need to be able to do this crap.
Also anyone have a good extension type for this?


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