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hi, here are some question i would like to ask : 1) how fast are voxels? 2) are they better for landscape than 3d models or on-the-fly generated trigs? 3) where can i found more info on them other than the flipcode tutorial and the gamedev one? tnks, Pavlo --------------------------------------- "Your thoughts are the reality, the phisical side is the illusion"

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1) Slower than individual polygons by about 10 times (I think, this could vary)

2) Yes, as long as you use them to reduce the number of polygons sufficiently. Anything smaller than about 10-20 polys should be represented by polygons.

A landscape, for example, is represented by a single voxel, replacing possibly millions of polygons. Voxel textures and voxel landscapes are much faster for drawing complex objects.

3) There''s another thread about this here. Dig back a few days, you might find it.

Also, remember that the term "voxel" can also refer to a layered, three dimensional sprite. I believe you may be talking about landscape voxels or voxel textures, which represent objects from lines extruded from a polygon.

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