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Enviroment map taken with digital camera

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Hi folks, I am currently working on a "virtual studio" project, that is basically about viewing a 3d scene through a "virtual view" being an LCD display suspended on a motion sensitive platform - which controls the 3d scene camera coordinates and viewing angle. So the LCD screen is like a "view" into a 3d scene. I am using DX9 and would like to implement a majority of all those eye candies possible with DX9 VS and PS tricks. One idea that i had was to take pictures of the environment (the studio) with a digital camera, where that suspended LCD screen is, and compile them into an environment map to implement reflections and specular highlights on the models that are to be viewed in 3d scene. Now my question is, I have a digital camera which perspective angle is around 40~45 deg horizontal and 3/4 of that vertical. (its also got 6x optical zoom), but for the cube env texture i need 90 deg perspective. So what do i do? Is there a way to get the env map with this camera or not? Any kind of suggestions are welcome.. Thank you Alex Babkin Alias|Wavefront Department of research

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All you have to do is a little bit "puzzling" with pictures.

In other words: You get the same result if you glue two 45 aperture degree pictures taken from the same center origin but one with the camera rotated 45 degs as with one single picture taken from a camera with 90 deg aperture.

As long as you don''t leave the center origin you can glue all pictures taken from any camera you want, you will always get the same result cause the physical perspective never changes, only the clipping.

Best is you make overlapping pictures and shift them into each other in "photoshop" or something. You may include markers into the real world to help you finding the 90 degree sections for a cube map and/or to fit the picture into each other.

All that is only true if you don''t have a somehow strange camera objective that does distort the picture in any way other than the normal perspective distortion.

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