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DirectX 8 Complexity

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I recently bought the book "Game Programming All in One" by Bruno Sousa and Andre LaMothe. Unfortunately, it uses DirectX 8.1, when all i want to do is 2d games (right now anyway). being only a junior in high school, i lack the trig, physics, and other advanced math for 3d programming (i only want to make a 2d shooter, sheesh!) I tried my hardest to learn 2d in Direct3d with this book, but it throws too much on you at one time, with the patent LaMothe "dont worry how it works, just know it does" situation, while always assuming you know what the hell he''s talking about. i KNOW that directdraw from directx 7 would be much easier, while suiting my needs much better. what are your opinions on using directx 7 for simple 2d programming, and is that a better place to start than jumping right into direct3d? ive created 2dshooters with animation in visual basic, using my own sprite class and bitblt, and im pretty sure i can mimick the same thing in c++ using directdraw, but i believe direct3D is dumping too much on me. opinions? i code therefore i am.

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Hiya... If you want a book that teaches DirectDraw i recommend "Tricks of the Windows game programming gurus" - which is has also been written by Andre LaMonth. The book also teachs the other components of DirectX suchas DInput, DSound and DMusic. The book also covers alot of theory on Physics and other math skills needed. But alot of 2d games now are being made using D3D as it supports rotation and other features. I think there is a book called "Focus on 2d in 3d" or something. I hope this helps u on your journey to creating your shooter!

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