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SIMS,...MARIO,...and prisons...OH MY!

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So, who recently has played the Sims for PS2? I liked it, however, it lacked a few things that the original game offered, maybe an "upstairs" option perhaps. Anyway, my point is, I would like to see someone attempt a SIM-Like game in anyway possible. Wouldn''t be neat to have a SIM-prison. Only call it something different to the Will Wright copyright stuff. Call it "LOCKDOWN!" The object is to start at owning a county jail, to minimum and maximum prison. Design and gameplay 100% open-ended. There ya go! Better yet, how about a school simulation. Simply where the character is either a weak push-over or a bully. If the week push-over, then build your character up to defeat the bully and studying hard to outsmart him. Or maybe you want to be the bully and show that dork(the weakling) where his place in life is.(In the dirt out by the monkey bars.) The greatest thing about game design and games is, take into perspective that there are many ways to play the game, and ways to come up with an idea. It doesn''t ALWAYS have to provide a super power character, his brother, and the resque of a desperate chick in a castle surrounded by lava and a dragon that likes to watch over her 24/7. (Don''t get me wrong, I loved Mario Brothers...but it''s beating a dead horse, or it''s been done too much.) So, keep this in mind when your designing that BIG, BAD game and meanwhile I''ll be playing the Sims or designing, "LOCKDOWN"...hopefully, my sim character doesn''t run into any guards upon his GREAT ESCAPE! Happy Programming! -Taylor EMAIL: music_dreamer@hotmail.com

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