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Used Memory Size by an App.

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How can i learn how much physical memory used by my application. Is there any function provided with winapi ? There is such a function like GlobalMemoryStatus() but it queries the total system memory. Contrary i need to monitor the memory usage of my application/thread. How can i query that ? Life is beautiful

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if you are using windows 2000 or XP for your development you can see the memory profile in the task manager:

- press ctrl + shift + esc
- go to processes tab
- sort by memory usage
- ...
- profit

If your application is of a reasonable size it will probably be the topmost process.

I hope this is what you''re looking for.

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Is this Windows NT/2000/XP or 95/98/ME? The answers are very different in both cases.

Let''s assume NT/2000/XP for now. You can use the GetProcessMemoryInfo in the psapi library (#include <psapi.h> and link with psapi.lib).

However, I have to question the value of the data you''ll get from this function, unless it''s only to print out as a message to the user. Why do you want to know how much memory you''re using?

Don''t forget this is the amount of memory Windows has given your app. This is not neccesarily how much memory you application is actively using. A delete will only release memory back to Windows when it gets over a certain threshold and happens solely at the descretion of the runtime libraries.

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The project i am working on handles large amount of data in the memory. So it is working on my system, but i want to know how much mem used by my application to calculate minimum system requirements, that is why i actually need it

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