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debugging and optimising features

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What really useful in-engine debugging and optimising tools can you suggest? I''d like a pseudo-renderer which pretends it''s DirectX/OpenGL/whatever and looks at memory useage/fragmentation, the order primitives are encountered, estimated overdraw, cycles lost to visibility testing etc. bottlenecks in eg scattered accessing of vertices would be highlighted ******** A Problem Worthy of Attack Proves It''s Worth by Fighting Back

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in-engine? you'd have to ask the person who made the engine.

edit: ah suggest , not recommend . sorry, i misunderstood.

[edited by - petewood on January 31, 2003 7:02:16 AM]

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- Intel IPEAK GPT (unfortunately no longer updated)
- Herb Marselas''s GRAZ
- Ádám Moravánszky''s DLL Detective
- Intel VTune
- nVidia registered developer only profiling drivers
- Numega BoundsChecker
- various custom memory managers
- etc -

use some of the above and you''ll know a lot about what an app is up to.

However -:

1) you could/should add most of those features to your own engine and get far more meaningful results (i.e. be able to tell which high level action resulted in the low level issues)

2) As always, which things cause slowdown etc are HIGHLY application AND hardware dependent.

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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