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Please may I borrow some textures?

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I''d like some better terrain textures to use with my engine (see sig for why I need them!). I know textures make a huge difference to the appeal and it would make my latest levels look SO much better. If anyone has a set of textures (grass,mud,snow,ice,sand,rock etc) that they are legally allowed to let me use (ie you made them!) I''d really appreciate it. Demos using such textures WILL be distributed so make sure you''re happy with that - I''ll credit it somewhere. I really want to implement DOT3 for all terrain so if you have DOT3 maps too that would be perfect. Thanks.
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subverse textures are generally excellent (I've used some of the crate ones in my 3D engine, and some of the terrain ones in a tech demo I wrote). Not exactly sure what their stance on distribution is, but I think that as long as you include their text file, they're happy.

Also, I found this seamless grass tutorial on the internet while I was making the aforementioned tech demo. It looks quite good, but obviously doesn't have the detail that a real texture would have. It has a good method though; I made snow and volcanic textures just by varying the parameters a bit...

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