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Okay, I''m studying the effects of video games on children and people in general (Aren''t I good finding a way to study something I like? )Well, please answer these questions honestly and from your heart. The more honest you are, the more honest my grade LOL! j/j. Have fun answering them anyway. 1. Do you think video games are benifical to your mind? 2. If school work was as fun and enjoyable as playing video games, would you like to do it? 3. Do you think video games effect people psychologically whether it be good or bad? 4. Do you think contraversally video games like Gangsters: Organized Crime and Mob promote unlawful actions or are they trying to give an experience that couldn''t normally be found in reality? 5. Do you think some video games could or should be used in school like Sim City and Roller coaster Tycoon, which both teach money management skills? 6. Do you think some video games are best left unmade (You can go anywhere with this one)? 7. Do you think video games effect your personallity and those around you whether it be positive or negative? 8. Do you think some people are paranoid towards video games and don''t really look at them before making their opinion? That''s it. Remember, be honest, please.

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1. depends on what is meant by ''mind.'' dexterity, reaction time, attention span, definitely. cognitive functions, hardly.
2. yes, although i don''t see how that could be achieved
3. with any activity, there''s a fine line after which it becomes unhealthy, be it mentally or physically. video games have a definite (proven) psychological addiction potential.
4. neither, they promote the basic action of having fun, which many people have trouble accepting
5. yes, but not the games listed
6. certainly
7. my personality, no, i don''t think so. i''ve seen it happen to someone else at least once though.
8. yes, some people are paranoid.

Float like a butterfly, bite like a crocodile.

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1) The question is really too broad to answer, but quick answer, not usually.

2) Fun is fun.

3) Of course; both good AND bad.

4) Heh. Not in normal people.

5) I'd say just early in school. The games specifically designed for learning.

6) Yes, most as of lately. But it isn't for me or anyone else to decide which ones. How it is marketed and distributed may be in question, but the creation and distribution of any game should be allowed (although that doesn't mean they should be made).

7) Isn't this the same as #3?

8) Yes. They're called politicians.

Edited by - Rock2000 on May 12, 2000 12:03:50 AM

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1) Some are... at least for relaxing my mind, anyway... but some are benefical, because stimulate logic, reaction time, etc.

2) Surely!

3) No, unless that person has some problem, or is a very young child.

4) I don''t think they promote unlawful action neither are trying to give an experience... They''re just trying to be fun! besides, would sound really bad that Quake is trying to give something like "an experience on how would be to kill other people" ;P

5) Hmm... yeah, probably.

6) I don''t think so... Let people do any game them want! If you don''t like the game, don''t play it!

7) No, as I said, to a game affect someone, that person must be very weak of mind, it wouldn''t be specially game''s fault... a violent movie or something would affect he/she in the same manner.

8) For sure!


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1. It depends on when and how often I play them.

2. If school was as fun we''d learn interesting things in school and I''d like going to school more than playing video games.

3. yes, good & bad

4. They give an experience that couldn''t normally be found in reality, people who get criminal because of playing it must be crazy.

5. They had to be better.

6. no

7. no

8. yes

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1.)Mind? Sure, as beneficial as sports are(to the mind),maybe more. Besides the basic principal of games/sports/etc(to relieve the stress of life), they also improve reaction times,eye-hand coord,and attention to detail.

2.)Hell yeah! But how to make school fun???

3.)Only if the person(s) have an already existing psych. problem. i.e. COLUMBINE WAS NOT CAUSED BY FPS GAMES!!

4.)No, they give us a release for those unlawful feelings if anything. i.e. does pacman promote overeating????

5.)No, not as they are, all students would do(mind you i am speaking as a fellow student) is cheat to win/cause disasters all over/purposely destroy the morale of the citizens.

6.)Maybe, but i am not to decide where to draw the line. I personally think we could all live without Kingpin. But Soldier of Fortun is a rather fun game.

7.)No. same as the psych question. I don''t play much but FPS games and a few others(Fallout2,Mech Commander). Yet i don''t get hostile or violent.

8.)Yes, the media slaughtered Doom during the columbine incident and anyone who actually plays FPS games realizes the stupidity of that remark.


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1. Benificial, perhaps, in my case, I''ve lost my attention span to that of a lump of, uhh, stuff....

2. School is fun, just take away the text books, teachers, walls, add some guns, evil villans and 80 frames per second of seemless eyecandy graphics and your done!!

3. Due to doom and quake I no longer fear death. I will simply respawn and get revenge.

4. Boath, depends on the audience. Some people are too stupid to realize that the game is just a game.

5. I don''t think that games should be used in school, they might get the attention of the students but they will end up playing for hours while "learning". In the real world, you don''t get the luxury of 5 hours to learn to tie your shoes. And these kids won''t even need to know how to manage stuff till they are older and dont care for games that much.

6. Some should be left unmade. But they probably wont, ever resourse is going to be drained some time, that includes originality or socially acceptable ideas.

7. Yea games made me an anti-social, depressed loner. What the hell are you staring at?

8. Definetally, just like there are people who will say weed is bad because it''s illegal.

Keep on gaming, it will solve ALL your problems. Including homework, money needs, boredom, and sanity.

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Just curious Tiso, but what class is this for? Not to rain on your parade, or be anal retentive, but i think that to get any meaning from your survey, you should re-write your questions, they are biased. =( And i''m not trying to be a dick, just trying to help you out... I''ll give you an example, in #2 you asked if school was fun, would you like doing it, well in order for something to be fun by definition, you have to enjoy it.

The other thing that i don''t get is, what effect are you trying to establish? That there is an effect, or a specific effect (ie violence)? From the questions, you could only answer the first. And finally, the answers are biased becuase most people that come to this site play/make video games, most of which are violent (the popular one''s anyways) so the answers will probably favor that there is no effect.

Once again man, I just want to say that this response wasn''t meant to be a put down, I just want to help you get better results, I understand if you really don''t care, and you are just doing it for the grade =), but if you want reliable results, this isn''t the way to do it.

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Here are my answers:

1. In a sense I believe that video games are beneficial. For me, they are a good way to relieve agression and anger. But, they are also detrimental. The more time I spend on the computer, the less I spend outside (with girls ), or doing something constructive.

2. I like a lot of my school work.

3. I do think video games affect people psychologically, but I think they affect them in good ways. I don''t know about everyone else, but video games calm me. Something about fragging people relieves aggression.

4. I don''t think that controversial games promote unlawful actions at all. I believe that every game is trying to give an experience that can''t normally be found in reality.

5. I don''t think those two games should be used in education.

6. Yes.

7. Check out number 3.

8. Definitely. Nowadays, people like to put the blame on everything and everyone but themselves.

I hope these answers help.


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