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Help, Too Many Dimensions!

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Anyone have any idea how to visually represent a seven dimensional set of objects? The total set will be between 288 and 1,296 objects large, and no dimension has more than 5 divisions, if that helps. Color-coding could be used to help charify things, but I need some sort of grid or chart shape to put the info in.

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Well, the basic problem is of course that you can only draw a three dimentional slice of any seven dimentional object at once.
True, color gradient could be used as another level so that gives us four.

To reach seven... no wait.. let me first say this is purely theory and i havent ever seen it done.

Ok, to reach seven, you'll probably have to have an interactive 'display'.

1) Draw your three dimensional grid axis
2) Draw your fourth dimension color 'axis' for reference (you'll need a non-surface color where the object has no fourth dimensional property).
3) Allow the viewer to rotate through the seven to view the current slice in any four or fewer dimensions at once.
4) Draw parallel axis lines for the 'invisible' three dimension with position markers indicating where the 'slice' is.
5) Allow controls for moving and rotating the view in any of the seven dimensions at any time.

.. you did mean seven perpendicular dimensions .. right? :D

[edited by - Eazz on January 31, 2003 7:39:23 PM]

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Hmmm, talk about a vague request. To concretize the idea a little in our minds, let''s attach labels to the dimensions. We can be arbitrary, if we want.

For sake of argument, let''s assume each dimension is labeled one of the following:

1) Social position (Leader, Follower, Switch, Loner)
2) Serotonin level (Optimist, Pessimist)
3) Testosterone level
4) Energy level (Hyper, Laid-back)
5) Acting ability (can''t lie worth a darn, lies passably, professional actor/spy)
6) Self-Esteem level (High, Low)
7) Self-Discipline level (Hedonist, Ascetic)

Now, how can we visualize this?

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Bishop_Pass - Lol, well those were the axes I had in mind, although I've decided social position is a composote based on testosterone and something else, and self esteem is largely dependant on aocial role appropriateness, which is probably beyond the scope of archetype... I was trying not to confuse people with the wierdness of the particulars.

Eazz - Thank you, that's a helpful start. I actually don't need a non-surface color because all the objects have properties in all the dimensions. The dimensions are indeed all perpindicular - I shudder to think what a mess it would be if they weren't.

I think I can clearly represent 5 dimensions by making a rectangular prism for the first three, and then taking multiple ones of these and distributing them across a pipe-cross gradient/punnett square grid thing.

[edited by - sunandshadow on February 1, 2003 1:07:06 PM]

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