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Ha, I personally hate that book. The code is horrible, and I found it pretty complicated. I would suggest you do something else.

Looking to make 2d?

If you want to make 2D with DX7, which is what you''ll be using for the book you''re using at first, then I''d suggest you use the tutorial on this site. Go under Forums, and scroll down a bit and find Interactive Game Programming Tutorial or something like that. It''s EXCELLENT.

If you want to learn 2D with the later DX so you can use D3D for hardware acceleration, you could either use the SDK (which has some great tutorials) and a site .

However, it might take you a while, and for the most part, you''d be reinventing the wheel.

If you truly want to learn DX so that you can keep up to date to use the latest technology in your games or to eventually work in the gaming community, you probably want to go this way.

If you are learning simply to make games, and don''t care whether you are actually going to learn that much, I''d suggest learning an engine or template.

You can search online for an engine, but I have designed my own 2D in D3D engine with accompanying tutorials that make game design VERY easy, especially for the beginner. If you''re interested, you can IM me on AOL Instant Messenger. Name''s ArmySarj on that, and I''d MUCH prefer you IM me on that. Or you can email on Instant Messaging is much better for me. Hope to hear from you soon.


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Well, I´ve read the book 18 months ago and I liked it. It´s really good if you have a good background in C (with a little bit of C++) and have never programmed games before. What I really liked about it is that the author introduces lots of concepts in a simple manner, which will eventually come useful when you read tutorials or papers.

Enjoy the book, I´ve had lots of fun when I read it. And check the articles included on the companion CD, some of them are really good.

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It seems that most people either love or hate the style that the books written in, i''d be in the former catagory and equiped myself with this book when i was seriously attempting my first game.

It''s still a good book but it is now outdated as it refers to DirectX7 which used DirectDraw, as of DX8 and onward DirectDraw has gone for good instead using D3D only. D3D is a bit more complicated to setup and get running at first, especially if you''ve not looked at 3D stuffs, but it does yield much higher frame rates than was possible under DirectDraw.

To answer your question, you''ll be set to make a 2D game. You should know pretty much everything you need to, the book even touches on AI although i can''t say i''ve ever relied on that section.

The best thing about the book, as you''ll hopefully soon find out, is that it''s a good read. It isn''t dry and LaMothe keeps you enteratained while squeezing knowledge into your head in a fairly pain free manner.

By the way, beware Chapter 7 - if your book is the first edition the code concerning bitmaps is bugged.

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