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Is it really worth it to learn DirectDraw, or should one just start out with 2D in Direct3D? I mean they already have DX9 out, and DirectDraw will probably never be updated again.

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Well, the learning curve for ''2D in Direct3D'' is pretty steep, but the end result is you being a better programmer. And a programmer better suited to tomorrow''s heavy-on-3D hardware.

I''d advise on Direct3D, if only because of the reason you mentioned plus how few functionalities remain with surfaces starting with DirectX8. One can hardly blend textures together anymore!

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I would say Direct3D.... BUT don''t waste time on optimzition at the beginning. I mean build yours tools for doing 2D in 3D and start particing 2D. The only drawback is that you can have surprise that you would not have in 2D with DirectDraw but life is filled with so much surprises... And also, the future of programming is based on 3D, even for 2D, so... the knowledge you would learn would not be wasted.

If learning with 3D gives you really troublesome programming, go for 2D, but at least have a taste of 3D. In fact, before starting coding lines, you should read books for beginners and articles on general 2D and 3D. We these, you will learn the basic concepts and when you will see those concepts, you''ll know what it is.

To start, also, you''re not forced to create a super duper engine o matic. Write sample apps, litlle cheap (easy to program but fun to play ) games (pong, asteroids...) and move step by step to the steam engine.

Good luck !

/* Bullmax */
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