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What does RHW do exactly?

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What does RHW do exactly? The documentation on what this is in the transformed lit vertex format makes absolutely no sense. Any help would be appreciated! If programming in Visual Basic won''''t kill you, C# will!

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i have wondered this too, and i THINK its the 44 of the matrix, so if you set the RHW to 0, it doesn''t get transformed. i could be WAAAY off base though, its a while guess.

0 0 0 x
0 0 0 y
0 0 0 z
0 0 0 rhw <- maybe?

also it says the reciprocoal of it, so it might be 1 / w (44 of the matrix)

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It means you have already transformed it.

Normally you write your engine/game in 3d (XYZ), and when its rendered with the DrawPrimitive calls, the DirectAPI will convert those 3d coords to be put on your 2d screen. RHW means you''ve converted it already. So the RHW vertex''s X,Y,Z is in 2d pixels already... If your screen is 800x600 and your XYZ of the RHW vertexes is (400,300,0) it will draw a dot in the middle of the screen. The Z is only used to fogging/zplane, which in RHW scale is 0 to 1...

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Guest Anonymous Poster
struct CustomVertex
float x, y, z, rhw;
DWORD diffuse;
float u, v;

D3DVIEWPORT9 d3dViewport;

CustomVertex Vertex;
Vertex.x = d3dViewport.Width/2;
Vertex.y = d3dViewport.Height/2;
Vertex.z = 0.5f;

the vertex will be at the center of the screen

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Error correction? aaargh

can someone PLEASE fix the search.

Or extend the size of the "previous replies to topics by..." tracking - so I can find the big 2 page post I made on what RHW is, how to compute it etc.

If this is just for 2D sprite stuff then use 1.0f for the value and umm don''t worry about what it means. For 3D its time to search somewhere for "homogeneous coordinates" and "homogeneous matrices".

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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Original post by Nypyren
Doesn''t RHW stand for Right-Handed-World/Windowed?

Just a friendly reminder. The SDK docs are your friend. Searching for RHW answers the question pretty readily... Searching for nearly anything usually gives you a good start.

from the docs:
Immediately following the position, transformed and lit vertices must include a reciprocal of homogeneous W (RHW) value. RHW is the reciprocal of the W coordinate from the homogeneous point (x,y,z,w) at which the vertex exists in projection space.

That might not be the complete answer for some, but it will at least tell you what the letters mean and will give you good search terms.

Author, "Real Time Rendering Tricks and Techniques in DirectX", "Focus on Curves and Surfaces"

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