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Enumerating Texture Pixel Formats

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I my game I am using EnumTextureFormats to find a pixel format that contains alpha information. On my computer the format found by EnumTextureFormats is 16-bits per pixel. When I render these 16-bit textures with my display mode also set to 16-bits, this works just great. But in 24- and 32-bit display modes, the textures don''t show up, just the polygons they are drawn on. Do I have to do something special in order to render 16-bit textures to the screen in 24- and 32-bit mode with SetTexture and DrawPrimitive? Is it even possible? Or is it just my graphics card that is preventing it from working? Thanks. Jon Woyame Programmer & Cheeto Consumer

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1) Remember to Enum* on a per run basis - what works with a 16bit frame buffer might not work with a 32bit one.

2) 24bit desktop mode is *evil* in terms of 3D rendering. Most chips (apart from certain Matrox ones) don''t support 24bit at all, and those which do (umm Matrox and a few less popular ones) don''t always allow 3D in 24bit. IIRC 24bit rendering has now been outlawed in D3D.

3) Other renderstates, in particular texture stage states and similar will affect what will work. For example a chip may allow a certain type of filtering in one screen mode but not with another.

4) If the chip supports 32bit screen modes it usually supports 32bit textures too, and a range of texture formats.

5) Of course you should also check that you aren''t running out of video/texture memory in the higher depth modes - that''d explain a lot...


Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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