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Transform ONE object ?

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Hi! I'm working on a simple 3D engine in OpenGL. And wrapping most of it. My goal is that the API isn't "visible", so I can make a DX version later Well, my problem right now is how I manipulate ONE object. I have a class called cPrimitive, it's basicly a Mesh, storing vertices and vertexindexes. It can represent cubes, triangles, pyramids, and such. But I want to be able to transform the cPrimitive. Meaning Translating, Rotating or Scaling it based on it's own vertices and not the world. I know that I can:
  glTransformf(...); // or whatever

But that must be done every time I render. I want to _permanently_ change the primitive. Is there some OGL or GLUT support for that? Or do I have to code my own Matrix classes and bring up my old algebra book? "No lies of sugar can sweeten the sournes of reality" }+TITANIUM+{ A.K.A. DXnewbie[onMIRC] [edited by - Seriema on January 31, 2003 8:23:12 PM]

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Gotta code your own.

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