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Linking Errors Galore...

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22 Linking errors, all involving redefinations ex: "struct IDirectDrawSurface7 * lpDDSBackground" (?lpDDSBackground@@3PAUIDirectDrawSurface7@@A) already defined in block.obj Yet I look in that file, and don''t see how it could already be defined.

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I tend to get that problem when I''m not using pre-compiled headers and have to use
#define INITGUID
Could be something to do with that, anyway basically it''s to do with the DirectX header files

OMG. It''s him again. Call the SHRINK!!!
GlRott Page:

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My guess is you have a line such as:


declared in a header (.h) file which means that each source code file (.cpp, .c) which includes that header file declares a new instance of that variable with the same name as another.

Don''t do that in header files.
Put the "LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE7 lpDDSBackground;" in *ONE* source code (.cpp, .c) file *ONLY*, and then in the header file change the line to:


Ufortunately this is all just a guess because when I go to which I presume is the source code I get a graphic from that server which says "requested file exceeds 256KB". I expect your server has a single file size limit.

Since you just need help fixing this problem rather than extensive testing etc, delete any data from the .zip and don''t zip up anything from the Debug/Release folders or the .NCB or .PCH files, MSVC will recreate those for anyone downloading your project.

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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Ok, thanks. I''ll try that stuff. In the meantime, I got the filesize down to 13kb so it should work now. (I had a large bmp for my background so I just changed it to a black picture)

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