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Help with First game

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Hello! After almost 2 years of reading several game development books, I have finally decided to quit reading and start CODING! Before I begin, I was hoping to get a few opinions of how you would approach this simple game idea. Since my work recently switched to C#, I am choosing it to create this simple game. Basketball 1 on 1 game. There will be 2 rims with 2 players. Player 2 will be a cpu. I would love to use Direct3d and have a very simple top down view or 45 degree view. My objective is to get a functional game that has very simple 3d graphics, very simple game rules, very simple keyboard-only player controlled movement. My emphasis will be on the process of putting together a complete game, so i want to keep each part of the game design simple but enough to get me some exposure to what it takes. Someone please help this newbie game programmer with how they would begin this game?!? Thanks in advanced, Dan

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Well, let''s see. Assuming that it''s just you working on the project, the first thing you''ll need is an engine. (If you had more people you''d assign them to producing content).

The game gets built up in ''platforms.'' The first platform you want to build is level where all subsystems are initialized - that is, you have graphics, sound, input, network, etc.. all ''at your fingertips'' and ready to go.

Once you''ve got that, you build up the next platform, which is going to be the basic game world. Establishing your arena, etc.

It goes on like that. At some point, for example, you''re going to need a platform on which to build your AI - a platform provided services such as the relative location of the ball and the opponent player, etc.

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