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Do you know Delphi?

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If you do, please help me with this litle problem: I have a memo1, with this text: this is a string Now I want a function, which can copy all text between "this" and "string" (so I get "is a" because it is between "this" and "string"). It could be very nice, if I could make a function, so I can write something like this: var s : string; begin s := CopyFunction(''this'',''string'',memo1.text); end;

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Two functions of interest (maybe three): Pos, Copy and possibly Lowercase/Uppercase.

Pos returns the index of a substring within a string as an integer, or 0 if it''s not found. For example, Pos(''test'', ''a string test'') will return 10, since the first occurrence starts at the tenth character in the string (remember: strings in Delphi start at index 1, not 0). Bear in mind that pos is case sensitive.

Copy lets you copy substrings from within a string. The syntax is Copy(string_to_use, starting_index, number_of_chars_to_copy). For example, Copy(''a string test'', 10, 4) would return the word ''test'' as a separate string.

You might want case insensitive comparisons - if so, look at the Uppercase and Lowercase functions.

There are plenty of very highly optimised string libraries out there, which knock the default ones into a cocked hat. For example, have a look at FastStrings by Peter Morris. There''s also hyperstrings, but I can''t remember the URL and I''m not sure if it''s been updated to handle later Delphi versions (since it doesn''t come with source, just a .dcu). This article explains why FastStrings was made and the decisions behind it. It''s a pretty interesting read if you''re into that sort of thing.

It shouldn''t be too difficult to make your wanted function using a combination of Pos+Copy or FastStrings.

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Thank you very much

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
var s,t : string; i,j,k,l : integer;
i := pos(''this'',''blabla this is a string'')+length(''this'');
j := pos(''string'',''blabla this is a string'');
s := copy(''blabla this is a string'',i,j-+length(''string'')*2);

form1.caption := s;

That''s the solution by using pos and copy

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