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Hey, can u guys give me any online tutorials on how to learn DX? i looked in the gamdev resources, and its all still pretty advanced. TY in advance. If God made us, who Made God? If you cant make it, let it make you. "I play violent Computer games, I could snap at any moment!"

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Guest Anonymous Poster
the Direct3D docs have nice tutorials

two kings direct3d tutorials

direct3d code samples

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I have designed a 2D template for D3D. It greatly simplifies game making, and allows for some limited 3D since the code uses textured quads that can be moved, rotated, and scaled in 3D space. If you are interested in learning to just make games, and don''t care much for the workings of DX, I would suggest trying out my template. You can reach me on AOL Instant Messenger. My screen name is ArmySarj.

However, if you are interested in actually learning DX, say for example if you are aspiring to work in the industry, my template probably isn''t the best thing for you, since I have done my best to hide DX from the user.


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