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Help with making skins for organic models

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Hellabout week or two ago, I started learning skining organic stuff, like human body (face, for example). I basicly know what to do, but I have problems when making all those shadows and highlights. Can anyone please explain me or tell a site for a noob at this part of skining? btw: i''m using PS 6. Tnx, Zocky

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I googled "tutorials texture human skin"

check out

According to the Danes hehe it boils down to having different procedurals layered one atop another

It is very practical to sail in complex textures with multiple under-textures.
In this representation, one sees that the channel diffuse is Speckle whose two colors are replaced by textures Splat and Smoke.
Of course, one could have fun with further going, Smoke itself being composed of two under-textures etc...

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If I were you I''d check out www.maxplugins.de and find a download called Texporter. Basicly what you do is set up all the mapping co-ordinates and use the texporter plugin to create and un-wrapped bitmap version of your model....
I think there is a tutorial for using it over at 3dfoundation.com in the tutorial section under texturing.... try it out!

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tnx you both!

Well,you know, I have texporter and it's cool. But, my problem is, I made that uvw map or whatever it is, Now I wanted to make a skin. I don't mean applying skin to model,I mean drawing actual skin for face in Photoshop, for example.

Sorry for not explaning good enough at the first time. Tnx again for helping!

Here is example what I have in mind:
go to "tutorials"-->"Faces!!!"

If you look at this tutorial (how to make face (using PS),you see there are lots of shadows and highlights on a skin. Well, here is my problem, so I was just wondering if someone can explain me how this works.

[edited by - Zocky on February 3, 2003 6:01:14 AM]

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