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stl getline question

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I have the following piece of code:
	std::vector vec1;
	std::string line;

	ifstream infile("textfile.txt");

	while (std::getline(infile,line,''\n'')) {
		vec1.push_back (line);
For some reason I get the following compiler error: error C2784: ''class std::basic_istream<_E,_Tr> &__cdecl std::getline(class std::basic_istream<_E,_Tr> &,class std::basic_string<_E,_Tr,_A> &,const _E)'' : could not deduce template argument for ''class std::basic_istream<_E,_Tr> &'' from ''class ifstream'' Anyone have any ideas ? If I take away the std:: reference for getline, I get the error: error C2065: ''getline'' : undeclared identifier Nitzan ------------------------- www.geocities.com/nitzanw www.scorchedearth3d.net -------------------------

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You need to include some missing declarings.

#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
#include <string>
using std::string;
#include <fstream>
using std::ifstream;

std::vector<string> stringData;
string theString;
ifstream inFile;
inFile.open("someFile.txt", ios::in);

while (std::getline(inFile, theString))


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