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Loading bitmap to a LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE7

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i looked at the tutorials and such on this site, and non of them seem to work for me. what i want to do is create a sprite (for now just an image that i can blt to the backbuffer). i have dx set up, and it runs at full screen mode (no flipping as of yet). i want to load a bitmap from a resource file (.rc) that i have in my project. does anyone have any ideas? source code maybe? thanks! i code therefore i am.

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check in the DX samples. I found ddutil.cpp DDLoadBitmap() in version DirectDraw 6.0 samples and use that constantly. You should find a version in DD7 samples.

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i looked up the DDLoadBitmap function in the dx help, but i always find the DX help extremely confusing. everyone says to go to the SDK documentation... but i think its horrible. i KINDA understand what the function does, but i dont really know how to implement it. also, because the return type is IDIRECTDRAWSURFACE7*, can that convert to LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE7? if you could give me some sample code on how to use tha function it would help. in addition, does that function load a bitmap according to the id number in the resource file, ie 101? or the name of the file, ie "ship.bmp"??


i code therefore i am.

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To load a bitmap, first create a surface:

Then you have two options, LoadBitmap, or LoadImage. With LoadImage, you must also use DDCopyBitmap. With either one, you need to include the files ddutil.cpp and ddutil.h, if you don't have them, they shouldn't be too hard to find with google.

lpDDSSprite = DDLoadBitmap(DirectDraw Object, name of image file (full directory), width of image, height of image);


lpDDSSprite = DDLoadBitmap(lpDD, "mpImage.bmp", 16, 16);

HBITMAP temp = (HBITMAP)LoadImage(NULL, name of image file, IMAGE_BITMAP, width, height, LR_LOADFROMFILE | LR_CREATEDIBSECTION);

(surface to copy to, surface to copy from, 0, 0, width of image, height of image)

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