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Rendering to textures

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Say you had a 800*600 screen rendered and you wanted to do a full screen distortion effect, like I''ve seen in many screensavers. Aside from it being slow, you could copy the contents of the back buffer into a texture, and then by playing around with the texture co-ordinates you could create a distortion effect. My question is....since OpenGL requires textures that are a power of 2, how would you go about doing something like this ? It''s something I''ve always wondered how it''s done. Can anyone help ?

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nehe.gamedev.net - Tutorial #36 to answer your question.

The process is pretty slick. do a glViewport(0,0,256,256) to resize your viewport to the size of your texture. Render your scene as you normally do, then do a glCopyTexture2d() to convert it into a texture.

If you''re looking to actually manipulate the data that you''re recieving, then don''t use glCopyTexture2d. Instead use glReadPixels() That will read the screen data into a buffer that you can manipulate. Then you can use that data in your standard glTexture2d or whatever.

Hope that helps


Colt "MainRoach" McAnlis

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Yup, either change the viewport like that.. its fast and you shoudnt notice the texture strech so much if your doming a lot as post effect, and if you need pixelcorrect copy, then create a texture of a n^2 dimension higher than your screen (800*600 becomes 1024*1024, 640*480 begomes 1024*512, you get the idea) and copy the screen into that textures lower left corner and just not use texturecoords from 0,0 to 1,1, rather use 0,0 to (800/1024, 600/1024). Noone said that you must use the whole texture all the time

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