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Program Object Strucure and Optimisation

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Hi, I am working on an Editor for my game, and have come across what I believe is a lot of redundancy / duplication of effort. At Present, On my editor loading, it loads in all the saved data into a number of vectors which are one of the following types. CGameItem CGameMonster CGameRoom CGameCharacter All 4 of these types inherit from a CGameBaseObj which contains common core data and accessor functions. My Main Window is a Splitter window, with the Left Pane being a CTreeView. At Present, the TreeView has 4 Categories under the Root, Items, Monsters, Rooms, and Characters. Now, on Creation of the Application, or each time it changes I iterate through each of the vectors in turn, retrieve the item name and add it to the appropriate section of the TreeView. - This Means 4 Loops that access each element in each vector once during each Draw / Refresh cycle of the TreeView. I have currently allowed 3 basic functions for each group and that is "Add New", "Delete" and "Modify". This gives me either; 12 nearly identical functions to code, 3 for each object type or 3 Larger functions to code, where I would have to decode which Branch of the tree an object lived in, to decide which object type it is. (so in effect I would have 4 lumps of code in each function, each doing a similar task.) As I would like to in the future maybe add further groups (or sub groups) to my tree, I see that I am starting to get into trouble here, as if I add a new command to my menu, I will need to add in a new function for each command for each object type, and if I add in a new group I need to add a whole suite of functions. Can anyone suggest a better way of approaching my problem ? I would guess that my solution lies in either using a different container, or ditching the STL containers completely and writing my own. Failing that, I guess I could have a vector for each type as at present, and create another vector for the tree, with each object containing the HTREEITEM, Text Description and a poointer to the class in question. But then I still need to decode which type the pointer is to know what item to create ! I hope that this makes sense, and that someone out there can give me advice as to how they would solve the problem. TIA, Bp.

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